How To Make A Long Distance Move Go Smoothly

If you are going to be moving long distance, you want to make sure you take extra steps to make your move go as smooth as possible. There are some ways you can simplify your move, protect your items and be better prepared for the move and the days following. This article will provide you with some helpful tips to make your long distance move go smoother:

Make an important paper file

When you live in you more than likely have separate important paper files, with your bills being kept in a kitchen drawer and your medical paperwork being kept in your closet. When you move, you need these to all be together and you should keep them with you or at least where you will know where they are at all times.

Pack your bedding in the dresser

You should pack your sheets, pillow cases, and at least a thin blanket in a couple of the drawers of your dresser. This way, you will know right where everything is to get your bed set up when you get to your new place. You will especially appreciate this if you happen to pull in late and are extra tired and worn out.

Pack your items in correctly sized boxed

It's easy to think that a big box would hold a lot of books, but this is going to make moving much harder. You want to remember to pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes. Keep in mind, it's better to wrap each of your plates well and stack them on end than to set them flat.

Protect glass items

You want to wrap each piece of large glass in packing blankets and tape.  If you are packing the truck yourself, put glass and large pictures between mattresses and cushions to protect them during travel. Make sure to remove all the lightbulbs from your lamps.

Prepare appliances correctly

Remember to wrap the glass plate in the microwave. Clean the refrigerator out completely and make sure you put a couple boxes of slightly opened boxes of baking soda in the refrigerator and freezer to keep it smelling fine.  Tape the electrical cords to the sides of all your appliances so they don't pose a tripping hazard during the moving process.

Consider hiring movers

Movers can pack your items for you and they will transport them from your current hoe to your new one. This takes a lot of the hassle out of your long distance move.

By following the advice offered in this article you will find that your long distance move will run smoother and your items will be safer during transport. For more help, contact a company like Smart Move Industries.