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Ride THIS, Not THAT: How To Have The Best Disneyland Vacation With Your Autistic Children

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If you are planning a Disneyland vacation, and you have purchased a travel package through an approved Disneyland travel agency, you will probably receive a set of “Magic Bands” a few weeks before your departure. These allow you to reserve FastPass attractions up to two months before you ever arrive in the parks, a perk that will definitely come in handy when you have children with autism. As you research various rides and attractions in the parks to decide which ones you want to reserve, keep the following tips in mind for your kids with autism. Avoid Rollercoasters Unless You Have a Designated Adult Willing to Sit Them Out Think about it–while the g-force of most rollercoasters can terrify and thrill the neurotypical person, they are the stuff of nightmares for kids with autism. The motion, sounds, screams and gravity felt with each rise and drop is magnified significantly by an autistic child’s inability to filter and interpret these sensations. Unless you have another adult in your party who is willing to be the designated party to sit every coaster out, or you are willing to take turns sitting out different coasters so that someone is always waiting with the special needs child while others ride the coasters, the coasters are out. Instead, ride things that go in circles, like the tea cups, which seem to be very soothing to some kids on the spectrum. Intersperse Sit-Down Attractions with Rides Disney parks have tons of fascinating shows and sit-down attractions that could be really fun for your autistic kids. These are often 3D or 4D shows, with animated and interactive components. If your child does not want to put on the 3D/4D glasses, he or she can still watch and enjoy the animation. It is also important to use these types of attractions as buffers between rides so that there is an expected pattern between riding and sitting/ watching a show. Plan for Down Time or Quiet Time Every Day Theme parks can be overwhelming, even for adults and neurotypical children. Imagine what they are like for your children on the autism spectrum! Most travel agents already suggest taking your vacation at a leisurely pace and building some quiet time or “down” time into every day. It is just as important for everyone to relax as it is for everyone to enjoy everything theme parks have to offer. You may discover that having that built-in down time allows all of your children, including those with autism, to calm down after an exciting morning or afternoon at the...

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Travel Tips: Simple Guide For Planning Your Romantic Getaway

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You and your partner work hard to maintain a lifestyle that is rewarding, but work can be exhausting, which makes vacations that much more meaningful. The following guide will give you a few tips on how to make sure that both you and your partner are happy with your time of rest and relaxation.  Breaking The Illusion The first thing you should remember is to think outside the box. You might think that you want to go to a particular location, but there are several locations that many see as romantic that might end up being more stressful than you would have hoped.  You might have to worry about some of the following if you choose a popular place: Long lines to see known attractions High prices, since these attractions are in high demand Pricier traveling expenses Crowds in general You may want to avoid some of the following locations, which experts call some of the most stressful locations: Taj Mahal, India New York City, New York in the US Paris, France London, England Cancun, Mexico San Francisco, California in the US You can ask your travel agent about other locations that might put a damper on your romantic getaway.  Don’t Keep It A Secret You might want to surprise your significant other with this wonderful trip, but you do not want to give your partner a gift to a place they were not interested in visiting. You should make sure you plan this trip with your travel agent together to ensure that you choose the best location for both of you.  The following should help you and your partner narrow down your choices: What types of foods would you be interested in, such as Latin food or European food? Do you like being next to a natural body of water? What type of getaway are you interested in? The following are a few ideas to consider: An all-inclusive trip, which should provide you with everything from accommodations, foods, entertainment, and much more. A trip that will accommodate couples only. A guided trip if you want to be taken to some of the tourist attractions. A trip with a more adventurous flare, which will give you both an opportunity to do things like kayaking or hike. You can talk to a travel agent like those at Lake City Travel & Cruises about other things that might help both of you decide the kind of romantic getaway that you...

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4 Tips For Saving Money On Your Disney Vacation

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Many families dream of the day when they can take their family on a Disney vacation, but some worry that it is too expensive. Although the trip can be costly, there are a couple things that you can do to save money and still have a good time. Here are a couple tips. 1. Purchase Souvenirs Before You Go Inside Disney parks there are a lot of stores. It may be tempting to purchase clothing, toys, dress-ups, and other items at these stores. Recognize that buying things inside the Disney parks will be far more expensive than buying them at a convenient store beforehand. For example, you can buy Disney certified clothing, souvenirs and toys at many stores beforehand. In addition, even the Disney stores that are not inside the park, have better deals that the ones beyond the gates. Consequently, if you can plan ahead and buy things before, you can save a lot of money. 2. Bring Your Own Food Unlike many other venues, Disney parks allow you to bring your own food into the park. Since many people choose to stay inside the park the majority of the day, your family will need a lot of snacks and meals while there. If you are not careful you can spend a lot of extra money on snacks and meals. If you pack a bag full of treats, snacks, even sandwiches, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars a day on the food alone. 3. Do One Park Per Day When you purchase your tickets you will have to choose if you want park hopper tickets, or one park per day tickets. Park hopper means that you can go between multiple parks. In each park there are plenty of things to do and if you plan accordingly, you won’t need to pay the extra money to be able to park hop. If you compare the prices of each ticket you will see that you will save a good deal of money on each ticket if you commit to just doing one park per day. 4. Stay Off The Resort There are many great hotel deals right around Disney. Although it is convenient to stay right on the resort, you will pay extra for the luxury of being so close. If you choose a hotel that is even a couple miles away from the park, you will have much better luck finding a good deal for your family. These are just a couple tips for saving money when going to a Disney park.  To learn more about booking your Disney vacation, contact a travel agency like The Travel Business,...

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How To Make A Long Distance Move Go Smoothly

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If you are going to be moving long distance, you want to make sure you take extra steps to make your move go as smooth as possible. There are some ways you can simplify your move, protect your items and be better prepared for the move and the days following. This article will provide you with some helpful tips to make your long distance move go smoother: Make an important paper file When you live in you more than likely have separate important paper files, with your bills being kept in a kitchen drawer and your medical paperwork being kept in your closet. When you move, you need these to all be together and you should keep them with you or at least where you will know where they are at all times. Pack your bedding in the dresser You should pack your sheets, pillow cases, and at least a thin blanket in a couple of the drawers of your dresser. This way, you will know right where everything is to get your bed set up when you get to your new place. You will especially appreciate this if you happen to pull in late and are extra tired and worn out. Pack your items in correctly sized boxed It’s easy to think that a big box would hold a lot of books, but this is going to make moving much harder. You want to remember to pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes. Keep in mind, it’s better to wrap each of your plates well and stack them on end than to set them flat. Protect glass items You want to wrap each piece of large glass in packing blankets and tape.  If you are packing the truck yourself, put glass and large pictures between mattresses and cushions to protect them during travel. Make sure to remove all the lightbulbs from your lamps. Prepare appliances correctly Remember to wrap the glass plate in the microwave. Clean the refrigerator out completely and make sure you put a couple boxes of slightly opened boxes of baking soda in the refrigerator and freezer to keep it smelling fine.  Tape the electrical cords to the sides of all your appliances so they don’t pose a tripping hazard during the moving process. Consider hiring movers Movers can pack your items for you and they will transport them from your current hoe to your new one. This takes a lot of the hassle out of your long distance move. By following the advice offered in this article you will find that your long distance move will run smoother and your items will be safer during transport. For more help, contact a company like Smart Move...

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